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L.A Stenotype Service
Office : 626-813-0019
Full Service / Overhaul                                                                                  Professional Units :
  • Machine is completely disassembled
  • Electronic & Mechanical parts are separated
  • Internal pads are removed
  • Frame & Mechanical Parts are chemically washed; it removes old lubricant and any foreign material
  • Worn Parts, such as springs and screws are replaced
  • Machine is reassembled with new internal pads and lubricant
  • Keys are calibrated to factory specifications 
  • All of the electronic and mechanical parts are tested and returned to factory specifications.​

Full service is recommend every year, it helps your machine run smooth and quiet. It helps reduce stacking 

 Student Units $199.00
At L.A Stenotype Service, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs. We offer same day Full Service with appointment (3 Hour Turn-around),  never be without your steno unit. Our staff members are professional, courteous and efficient.
Diamante & Wave Machines = $279.00
Elan Mira A3 & G2    = $269.00
Elan Cybra Pro
Stentura Fusion 
Stentura - 8000LX, 8000, 6000LX, 6000, 500
Pro-Cat - Flash 
Pro Cat - Stylus 1 & 2  (add $20.00 more)

Elan Cybra
Stentura Protege
Stentura 200, 200srt, 400, 400srt
Steno Repairs 
  • Computer Board Repair / Replacement 
  • Serial Port 
  • USB Port 
  • LCD Replacement
  • Disk Drive  
  • Wide Keys
  • Key top replacement 

  • Shorten Stroke Depth
  • Paperless Mode - Stentura Models
  • 400 to 400srt Conversions
  • Raise Vowel Keys 
  • Number Bar Removed
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